Thursday, May 03, 2007

Parties abound, GSB show is coming... the update.

With Admit weekend and C4C behind us, recruiting for 1st years almost complete and 2nd year's winding down- parties are emerging all over the place around the GSB community, this weekend will feature a large 2nd year house party in Palo Alto,"Cabin 552", on Friday, Spring Formal at Bimbos in San Francisco on Saturday. On top of that, multiple dinner parties are being thrown- the house I live in has doubled its number of parties for the entire year in just week- and there's one coming up this Sunday. Its going to be tough finding time to hang out with my friends in Silicon Valley who are outside the GSB. I can expect a fun sprint finish to the end of my time at the GSB. I'm looking forward to "Disorientation" week, sandwiched between last day of classes and graduation day, where second years will bond and party for one last time- including drinks and dinners organized by different ways imaginable (sections for the core, destination cities after graduation etc...). Other events happening? The GSB show is on next week- a truly specular show of talent within the GSB. Who said MBAs don't party?

Here is the evidence:


GSB SHOW 2006- Mock Interview- My personal favorite!

GSB SHOW 2006- 4

GSB CRIBS- This is how we roll at GSB!

GSB SHOW 2006- Mid-term Capital Management

UCLA CHEER LEADING @ C4C WEEKEND 2007(Stanford 2006 here)